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    We strive to build the capacity of communities to resist police violence.

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    We strive to build principled unity among communities to resist, fight and eliminate police violence.

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    We hold harassment, intimidation, surveillance, carding, planting of evidence, racial profiling, excessive force, police brutality, entrapment, provocation, concealment of evidence, and other repressive actions as acts of police violence.

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The usual suspects: police stop and search practices in Canada by Scot Wortley and Akwasi Owusu-Bempah

The usual suspects: police stop and search practices in Canada

"This paper explores police stop and search activities in Canada using data from a 2007 survey of Toronto residents. The paper begins by demonstrating that black respondents are more likely to view racial profiling as a major problem in Canada than whites or Asians. By contrast, white and Asian respondents are more likely to believe that profiling is a useful crime-fighting tool. Further analysis reveals that the black community’s concern with racial profiling may be justified. Indeed, black respondents are much more likely to report being stopped and searched by the police over the past two years than respondents from other racial backgrounds. Blacks are also much more likely to report vicarious experiences with racial profiling. Importantly, racial differences in police stop and search experiences remain statistically significant after controlling for other relevant factors. The theoretical implications of these findings and their meaning within Canada’s multicultural framework are discussed."

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Londoners to get say on police carding

By Jennifer O'Brien, The London Free Press

Londoners will get to weigh in on the controversial police practice known as carding as Ontario moves to regulate how police forces in the province ­randomly stop people to gather information.

But one outspoken critic, who calls London's use of carding "on steroids" compared to other cities, says the answer isn't to regulate the so-called street checks by police, but to scrap them.

"To regulate carding is akin to putting lipstick on a pig," said Ajamu Nangwaya, an organizer with the Toronto-based Network for the Elimination of Police Violence.

"Carding is wrong. Carding must end. Period," he said.

"It's a fundamental right of citizens not to be unduly stopped by police. You are not a suspect in a crime, yet you are being stopped, questioned documented and your information stored."

Feeling the heat over a backlash to carding, especially in Toronto where racial minorities say they're disproportionately stopped by officers, Ontario's Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has scheduled a five-city round of public hearings, including in London, to gauge public opinion before the province announces promised new regulations to control and standardize the practice.

Carding involves stopping and questioning people who aren't under arrest or facing charges nand taking down information to help build police databases.

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