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    We strive to build the capacity of communities to resist police violence.

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    We strive to build principled unity among communities to resist, fight and eliminate police violence.

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    We hold harassment, intimidation, surveillance, carding, planting of evidence, racial profiling, excessive force, police brutality, entrapment, provocation, concealment of evidence, and other repressive actions as acts of police violence.

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The usual suspects: police stop and search practices in Canada by Scot Wortley and Akwasi Owusu-Bempah

The usual suspects: police stop and search practices in Canada

"This paper explores police stop and search activities in Canada using data from a 2007 survey of Toronto residents. The paper begins by demonstrating that black respondents are more likely to view racial profiling as a major problem in Canada than whites or Asians. By contrast, white and Asian respondents are more likely to believe that profiling is a useful crime-fighting tool. Further analysis reveals that the black community’s concern with racial profiling may be justified. Indeed, black respondents are much more likely to report being stopped and searched by the police over the past two years than respondents from other racial backgrounds. Blacks are also much more likely to report vicarious experiences with racial profiling. Importantly, racial differences in police stop and search experiences remain statistically significant after controlling for other relevant factors. The theoretical implications of these findings and their meaning within Canada’s multicultural framework are discussed."

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March 2nd rally postponed

The Toronto Police Services Board has cancelled its March 2nd special meeting on to the TPSB's news release:,view/id,245/

Our planned action against police violence will not be taking place on March 2nd.

The protest action will be carried out in the future. March 19th is a possible date, but a confirmed date will be posted once we have the details.

The Durham Police killing of Michael MacIsaac, One Year After With Sister Joanne

Radio Basics logoMichael MacIsaac was killed by Durham Region Police last year on December 2nd, 2013. His sister Joanne MacIsaac was in the studio with Radio Basics on December 1, 2014 to talk about the blatant lies, disrespect and cover ups that the province’s Special Investigations Unit and the Durham Police took part in to ensure that justice would not be served to the MacIsaac family.

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