The issue is not whether carding can be made to look friendlier. The issue is not whether carding can be redone so it seems nicer.

The issue is that carding – in and of itself – is wrong. Carding is similar to the New York Police Department's infamous "stop and frisk" program.

Carding says that I am not entitled to the same rights and freedoms as White Canadians. Carding says I'm not as 'real' a citizen as a White person. Carding says I don't belong, I'm just tolerated.

Carding is based on the White supremacist historical mantra that we Afrikan people are inherently criminal; inherently lacking in civilized values and principles; inherently untrustworthy; and that we need to be reminded that we are (considered) inferior to White people, and especially, that we must keep that demeaning status foremost in our (and their) minds.

The current era's racist policing has been given the name carding, and because that name wasn't used in previous eras people think this is a new activity. It is not.

It had no name I was aware of when I was growing up (and BTW there was no gun violence at the time to use as an excuse for targeting our community) but police, nonetheless, maintained exactly the same behaviours as carding.

They would come up on law-abiding, innocent Black people and demand all kinds of personal information, and talk to us in a tone as though they were an occupying army and we were the barely tolerated suspicious enemy.