By Tom Godfrey

As Toronto police and the Ontario government review the carding by police of young Black men, some high-tech tools have been created to alert users of their rights when pulled over by officers.

Christien Levien of Brampton has developed a free application for smartphones that community residents can download to monitor or record their interactions with police. The app automatically uploads the data to a mailbox that can send emergency messages to loved ones.

"It is designed to be fast and simple, so that it can be used in real time during a police encounter," Levien said, adding the device's real value comes before a tense situation when information is required quickly.

The app, that was launched last month, has been so successful that its servers crashed due to thousands of users in the first week.

Levien has launched an online crowdfunding campaign to reboot the free application and make some badly-needed updates.

He said more than 5,000 people downloaded the app, called Legalswipe, after it was launched, causing the servers to go down.

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