By Ajamu Nangwaya

Ontario's government is a compliant partner in this scheme by regulating carding instead of ending the practice. I hope the individuals and groups that intend to offer suggestions to regulate carding are aware of the fact that they will be serving as collaborators and legitimizers.

The only option available to people who are really opposed to carding is a boycott of the consultation process and deny the regulations the legitimacy that the Wynne regime is seeking. Since the termination of carding is a principled demand, let provincial government go ahead and impose it on us.

We ought to resist carding by developing Free2Go campaigns, which would empower people to stop sharing their personal information with the police.

We should demand the full menu of human rights and civil liberties and not settle for crumbs from the government of Ontario and its enablers. We should not serve as willing accomplices in our dehumanization and oppression.

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