Editorial, July 22, 2015

The shooting death of Andrew Loku, 45, at his place of residence by Toronto police on July 5 has become a call to action among groups that advocate for Toronto's Black community.


It has become a matter of rote that police killings, ostensibly in the line of duty, are explained away after a process of investigation by the Special Investigation Unit (SIU). Regardless of stated efforts by the SIU to find the truth in these fatalities, the reports coming out of their investigations rubber stamp police accounts. The lack of cooperation by police involved in these encounters that lead to either death or injury of a civilian places the SIU at the same level as the current Toronto Police Service Board. The appearance is that whatever the police say goes. It is then left to aggrieved individuals to carry their case forward in the courts. For most people this is a daunting task.

We do not want to lose faith in the men and women who are tasked with maintaining law and order in this city. However, we are daily faced with the grim reality that regarding the Black community, individual freedom is not a given.

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