By Todd Vondank, Peterborough This Week

PETERBOROUGH -- City police officers have the right to stop and ask you questions.

Beyond that, you are free to move on, unless the officer has reasonable grounds for an investigative detention or to make an arrest.

"It can be uncomfortable with people to speak with police on the streets," acknowledges Peterborough City police inspector Dan Smith.

"If they feel they want to walk away from the encounter, than they are more than welcome to, unless the officer has reason to step it up to an investigative detention or an arrest."

Police use of on-street check-ins, more widely known as carding, is being questioned across the province based on the assumption it violates the Charter of Rights. The practice remains a hot button issue in Toronto where members of minority groups say they are being targeted unfairly and carded at highly disproportionate rate.

Insp. Smith says City police have a policy on the issue and are bound by a general order concerning bias free profiling that the force reviews annually. He adds the policy is very clear in that officers shall not use the pretences of race, place of origin, colour or ethnic origin for the sole purpose for carding.

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