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Days after the provincial government announced it would be revamping "carding" procedures for police departments in the province, a London city councillor is calling on the London Police Service to suspend the process altogether, suggesting it may be race-motivated.

Carding is a practice whereby police officers record information about people, vehicles and properties though details like names, addresses, date of birth, races, and identifiable markings of community members. The interactions are voluntary, through critics argue that people may not know they have the right to decline to answer questions.

Ward 3 Councillor Mo Salih, who is black himself, says that blacks are disproportionately exposed to the LPS's street checking program.

Numbers from the LPS show that in 2014, of the 14,000 people ended into the service's database, 71.2 per cent were white and 7.7 per cent were black.

Based on 2011 census numbers, the most recent available, London's white population was 82 percent, while the city's black population was only 2.2 per cent, which Salih says reinforces what he's heard from black constituents impacted by the process.

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