By Christopher J. Williams

You can laugh or cry in response to the conveniently alarmist rhetoric issued by police officials that goes something like this: "All of this unwarranted criticism of carding – and, by extension, the implication that our officers are racist – has produced a dangerous situation in which gun violence in Toronto has spiked considerably."

It's basically an updated (and somewhat less rabid) version of the classic Old South claim that halting racist lynching would lead to rampant black-on-white rape. In any era, and in any locale, you can never take your heel off the black neck, you see....

Of course, one look at the available data shows that, for example, in 2012 when carding was rampant there were 22 shooting deaths (as of August 10) whereas in 2015 – when carding numbers are comparatively very low – there have been 15 shooting deaths to this point of the year. Here are the year to date numbers that allow for year-by-year comparisons:

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