By the Network for the Elimination of Police Violence

The Network for the Elimination of Police Violence (NEPV) rejects the call from the Government of Ontario to retain carding by regulating the practice. Carding is a street harassment practice by cops across Canada that involves the stopping and questioning of civilians in non-criminal interactions and documenting their personal information.

Carding must be abolished now! We call on all organizations and individuals who are truly interested in community safety to boycott Premier Kathleen Wynne’s public manipulation (consultation) process, and maintain no false illusions about the Ontario government's willingness to engage in genuine dialogue with the communities most affected by police violence.

This manipulative exercise is an attempt to win moral legitimacy for the repressive, human rights denying practice of carding by providing a false veneer of racial sensitivity, public accountability and community direction to what is in fact a clear expansion and consolidation of the carding regime.

This strategy can be plainly identified in the recent statements by Ontario's Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Yasir Naqvi, in which he simultaneously promotes the government's supposed “zero tolerance” approach to racial profiling and enduring commitment to human rights, while continuing to describe carding as “a necessary and valuable tool” in the arsenal of the police.

Naqvi would have us believe that police officers in Ontario already hold a sincere commitment to human rights and a zero tolerance approach to racial profiling, as enshrined in the Ontario Police Services Act, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary.

There is no justifiable reason for carding abolitionists or reformists to celebrate Minister Naqvi’s recent restatement of his June 16 assertion that the regulation of carding will respect the Charter of Rights and Freedom as a victory of sorts. The government is still committed to imposing this form of police violence (carding) on the people of Ontario before the end of 2015.

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