SIU report cover

On Friday the SIU released their report into the police murder of Andrew Loku early in the morning of July 5, 2015.

According to the Toronto Star, this was the first time the SIU has released an investigative report. The report itself is pretty much a waste of time. Of its 34 pages, all but 10 were removed from what was released to the public. Download the PDF here.

Instead of simply explaining the basics of what happened the night Andrew Loku was murdered, the document goes to great lengths to excuse the actions of the killer officer. At the end of the day, this long-awaited SIU report instructs us very clearly that police violence will continue unchecked in this country.

We do learn some details of what happened. According to the report:

1. Andrew Loku was killed within seconds of the police getting onto the scene. A split second a decision was made, a Black man is dead, and the public will never know the name of his executioner. We have no idea where and when this officer will show up again.

2. The fact that the fully armed and backed up officer was intimidated by a man 6 feet tall and around 200lbs tells us that the killer officer is either a woman, or a very small man.

3. That when the killer officer saw Andrew Loku moving towards her, she considered following her training and making space by backing up, but then chose instead to stand her ground and shoot.

4. Police officers on this case, as they have on numerous others, interfered with the SIU investigation by tampering with the video recordings from the cameras on site. Apparently the SIU wants yet another law telling police not to do this.

There is an old French saying that seems applicable whenever we deal with police, their disrespect for the Black community, and their utter comtempt for even the notion of accountability -- "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose."
"The more things change, the more things stay the same."