The Network for the Elimination of Police Violence (NEPV) would like to present our newest community tool: "Filming the Police - A Basic Guide," a PDF and available for download here


As the Guide's introduction states: "People filming the police can discourage police brutality and harassment - letting the cops know that their actions are being recorded, and that they will be held accountable for acts of harassment and abuse. Although it is important to resist police brutality by taking cops to court, filing complaints and holding demonstrations, it is also crucial for us to be prepared when police activity takes place, letting the police know that we will hold them accountable for their behaviour in our communities. Monitoring of police is a crucial first step towards building a movement capable of stopping police violence, and of challenging the increasingly powerful role of police in our society." 

This Guide was put together by NEPV, a network of organizations in Toronto coordinating community-based responses to police violence. It builds on efforts of similar initiatives in the US and UK and is published in Anti-copyright. It provides a basic guide to the practice of filming the police and a 'Know Your Rights'-section that is adapted to Ontario, Canada.

NEPV is currently in dialogue with targeted communities to start training sessions on filming the police. We acknowledge that these trainings may not reach everyone we would like to reach; therefore, we draw particular attention here to the section 'Your Safety'. Discuss the contents of the guide with friends or colleagues and take what is useful for you. Do go out, but stay safe!

In addition, please see NEPV's Cop Watch app, also mentioned in the Guide.

We offer this Guide in the hope that it can be one of the many tools that marginalized communities already use to stop acts of police violence.

Please share it widely.