By Black Action Defense Committee

Having got a chance to review what is being proposed as the Community Engagement Policy of the Toronto Police Services Board and the Joint Statements of the Board and Police Chief William Blair.

I am absolutely appalled and horrified by some aspects of the content of these guidelines and by the events that have led to this revised, watered down version of the Policy, as well as some critical features of the current policy which have been omitted from this Draft Policy.

Essentially, The Board has taken upon itself to make constitutional law (a role that devolves to the Parliament of Canada under the Constitution), by giving the police the authority to stop and interrogate any person, without having reasonable and probable grounds for assuming that the individual has committed an offence, or are likely to commit an offence.

This is in definite violation of the Rights protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This Policy therefore, constitutes an attempt to amend the Charter of Rights And Freedoms by the Police Services Board and the Chief of police, with the aid of an old retired Judge whose rulings should be researched.

It is incongruent with the charter, the Human Rights Code and the Police Services Act, all of which the policy purports to uphold.

Most of the language in the policy is from the regular police vernacular, including the new proposed name for the Policy, “Police Engagement” All of police activities are engagements, however, sometimes the engaged persons end up badly injured, and/or many of them end up dead.

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