The unchecked lovefest displayed toward John Tory by the African Canadian petty bourgeoisie in Toronto’s 2014 mayoral election prevented this class from looking out for the best interests of the community.

The African Canadian newspapers, public figures, the notables and media workers failed to provide the Afrikan working-class with a critical assessment and interrogation of John Tory’s policies and conservative ideological commitments. The newspapers were too eager to serve as cheerleaders as opposed to affirming the dictum that “The job of the newspaper (or the media) is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

The Afrikan petty bourgeoisie characters who supported Tory could only point to the charitable contributions that he made to community initiatives, his charming and personable character traits and him never experiencing “a scheduling problem”, unlike other White political figures who were invited to Afrikan Canadian public events. Some members of this group also focused on their personal friendship with Tory, which glossed over his conservative policies.

It is quite instructive that not even one endorser has pointed to public policies and social and income security programs that have been championed by Tory to advance the material interests of the Afrikan Canadian working-class, or even the interests of the members of these bourgeoisie elements who contend with White supremacy and/or patriarchy in society’s institutions.

The exclusive fixation on Tory’s personality, the financial crumbs that he throws at charitable causes, and his willingness to fraternize with Afrikans might be an unwitting admission that his policies are irrelevant or hostile to the interests of this racialized community.

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