We are a network of organizations coordinating community-based responses to police violence.

 We stand behind the following:

  1. We strive to build the capacity of communities to resist police violence.
  2. We strive to build principled unity among communities to resist, fight and eliminate police violence.
  3. We hold harassment, intimidation, surveillance, carding, planting of evidence, racial profiling, excessive force, police brutality, entrapment, provocation, concealment of evidence, and other repressive actions as acts of police violence.
  4. We recognize racism as a system that shapes and informs police violence against and in racialized and indigenous communities.
  5. We view police violence as a basic part of society because it is used to serve and protect the interests the dominant, privileged groups in society.
  6. We stand opposed to police violence, which is typically based on race, gender, gender identities, class, sexuality, disabilities, mental health status, indigenous status, immigration status, political beliefs, and other grounds or bases of identity.
  7. We believe that the elimination of police violence will come about with the end of all systems of oppression in society.