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Privacy Policy for Cop Watch Video Recorder

Your privacy is important to us. Understand that when you login to YouTube via our app, we are given permission to upload the video(s) you have selected. We then send a link to the uploaded video to the video review team at the Network for the Elimination of Police Violence. You control if the team has access to view that link or not. We do not hold on to any information about you or your account.

We assist you in logging into YouTube. Once you set up a channel, and permit our app to upload content into that channel, we will be issued a token by YouTube, to be used explicitly for that purpose.

The content you upload becomes governed by the YouTube Terms of Service. See here for more information:

The data collected by YouTube is covered under the Google Privacy Policy. You can review that here:

Should you wish to revoke permission for our app to access, and upload to your YouTube channel, you can revoke the API Client’s access via the Google security
settings page at

The Cop Watch Video Recorder app, and the Network for the Elimination of Police Violence do not maintain or share any information about you, your videos, or their content with anyone. Period.

Our Mission

Build Capacity
We strive to build the capacity of communities to resist police violence.

We strive to build principled unity among communities to resist, fight and eliminate police violence.

Principled Opposition
We hold harassment, intimidation, surveillance, carding, planting of evidence, racial profiling, excessive force, police brutality, entrapment, provocation, concealment of evidence, and other repressive actions as acts of police violence.